Me and homie

Me and homie

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hey so I am Matt and I a little nervous abut starting this blog. I have a secret passion for Incredible Hulk and ah yeah you know...I am a grown man so that shit is not always cool to talk about with the guys. So while I wait for my Mafia Wars energy to regenerate I could come here and talk cool shit about Incredible Hulk. I did find one other dude who feels the same passion I do for the Hulk but he rather stay anonymous so we can refer to him as...a...Mason. Yeah, Mason. But this blog be mostly about my IH fetish.

So I hope you readers enjoy and I should be on pretty often...unless some chick starts talking to me on Facebook......BAAAAAHHH yeah right, who am I kidding. ok lator gators.

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