Me and homie

Me and homie

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Matt vs Incredible Hulk

Okay so I thought it would Hulkerrific if I listed things me and IH have in common..

  • We both obviously like to workout
  • We both have great pecs.
  • Our thighs rip through whatever pants we are wearing
  • He wears cutoff shorts no matter what season. I wear Under Armour shorts no matter what season.
  • In episode 2.17, there was a character named Gray Hulk who wears pin-stripe suits and calls himself "Mr. Fixit". I once fixed a laptop for this guy at work who wore a pin stripe suit and he called me "Mr. Fixit".
  • Hulk and Matt both have four letters
  • He is 7'5" and I am 5'7"
  • His love interest is Betty. My love interest is Stella. Both names have double consonant
  • He gets angry and turns green. When I get angry I put on my (Getting Angry) green sweater. * let me know it guys want to see it*
  • Pretty sure he'd liked to get some head action and I know I do too.

.....yeah so, a lot in common...whodathunkit?